Art Texts Pics is an online magazine published both in Italian and in English. Established in 2010,  Art Texts Pics contains interviews, conversations, essays, exhibition previews and event agendas. The magazine covers both well known, institutional realities – such as museum exhibitions, established galleries and foundations – and alternative, young spaces.

Founder & Editor in Chief: Elena Bordignon

Editorial Assistant: Matteo Mottin

Regulars: Marco Arrigoni, Luisa Ausenda, Luca Marullo, Isabella Paghera, Annalisa Malavolta, Federica Colle, Valeria Marchi, Clara Mazzoleni, Rossella Moratto, Giulia Morucchio, Marta Ravasi, Marco Tagliafierro, Federica Tattoli

Traduzioni: Gabrio Micheli

Advertising: Martina Cena

Design: Gianandrea Poletta e Simone Ballesio

Typography: AlfaType Fonts


© Gina Folly for ATPdiary

Gina Folly October 6 – November 27


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